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Prakash empowers enterprises to make data-driven decisions, improve operational efficiency, and mitigate risks.

Data Catalog

Data Elevation: Elevating Insights, Simplifying Management.

Our data catalog is designed to elevate your data insights while simplifying data management. By centralizing and organizing your data sources, it empowers you to make informed decisions and streamline your data workflows. Elevate your data experience with Data Elevation.

  • Unified Data Sources
  • Data Empowerment
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Data Quality

Sharper insights, better decisions – experience data in its purest form with our quality checks.

Unlock a new dimension of sharper insights and wiser decision-making with our cutting-edge quality checks for data. Witness data in its purest form as we meticulously examine, refine, and ensure its accuracy.

Data Accuracy Assurance

Real-time Monitoring

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Data Governance

Empower teams to collaborate seamlessly while upholding data security through our governance system.

Seamless team collaboration with our robust governance system, ensuring data security at every step. Empower your teams to work hand in hand while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

  • Robust Data Security
  • Regulatory Compliance Made Easy
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Data lineage

Empower your team with end-to-end data understanding through our interactive lineage feature.

Equip your team with comprehensive data comprehension using our interactive lineage feature. Empower them to trace data's journey from start to finish, enhancing understanding and informed decision-making

Visualize Data's Journey

Enhance Data Reliability

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Data Query

Seamless Database Querying: Empowering Your Data Insights Within Prakash!

Experience the power of direct database querying within Prakash, our comprehensive data observability platform. With seamless integration and an intuitive query interface, you can effortlessly access and query your integrated databases, eliminating the need for additional tools. Gain deeper insights and make informed decisions with Prakash's streamlined database querying feature.

  • Deeper Insights, Informed Decisions
  • Effortless Database Access
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Discover Our Exclusive Benefits


Real-time visibility into data stacks

Real-time visibility into data stacks offered by a prakash observability platform enables proactive issue detection, data integrity assurance, and performance optimization for efficient, reliable, and agile data management.

quality checks

Automated data quality checks and validations

Automated data quality checks and validations provided by a prakash observability platform empower organizations to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of their data assets by automatically identifying discrepancies, anomalies, and errors, thus enabling informed decision-making and enhancing overall data-driven operations.


Identification and resolution of data anomalies and inconsistencies

Prakash observability platform identifies and resolves data anomalies and inconsistencies by actively monitoring data processes, ensuring accurate, reliable insights for informed decision-making.

Enhanced decision-making based on comprehensive insights.

Prakash observability platform empowers enhanced decision-making by offering comprehensive insights into data health, performance, and integrity, enabling organizations to make informed choices with confidence and agility.


Streamlined Governance and Compliance

Prakash observability platform enables streamlined governance and compliance by providing tools to monitor and audit data pipelines, ensuring adherence to regulations and standards, and facilitating transparent data management practices.

Timely resolution of data issues to avoid disruptionsgit

Prakash platform ensures the timely resolution of data issues by swiftly identifying anomalies, errors, and discrepancies within data processes. This proactive approach aids in maintaining data accuracy and operational efficiency, enabling prompt corrective actions and minimizing potential disruptions